Welcome to the latest episode of the Pop Up Film Cast! 

The PopUp FilmCast is putting it's own spin on the whole popup shop fad. Hosts Keith Gawla and Derek Glascock are joined by an esteeemed guest to curate hypothetical film festivals that will pop up one week and be gone the next. Wash, rinse, repeat. But who am I kidding? We just want to talk about movies with our friends!

This episode Keith and Derek are rejoined by Chauncey from the Sticky Down Under Podcast to open unwrap the final gift of our Best Of Birth Year film festival. If you haven't listened to episode 14A, I highly encourage you to do so. It had some great user submissions you will want to hear us chat it up about.

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Chauncey - He's traveling alot right now. If you want to get ahold of him, reach out to Derek. 

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Special thanks to N-Joy with the funky intro

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