Welcome to the latest episode of the Pop Up Film Cast! 

Every other Tuesday, Keith and Derek are joined by an esteemed guest - aka friend of the show - to ramble on, draft style, about movies as we fabricate ficticious film festivals and mythical movie marathons. Actors, genres, years, or other more elaborate setups, you never know what your going to get.

This episode we deviate from the path to travel down a delicious side road that will have your ears and mouth watering. Keith and Derek are joined by Chris Osborne of Play Comics for a redemtive return to the show (see our Best of 2017 ep). 3 guys, 4 rounds - it's simple math really: a dozen donuts. An episode for those with movie related allergies who struggle to listen to our normal epiosdes! And just because it's summer and we wanted to have some fun and well... donuts are good. 

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Now sit back and enjoy the show....


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