Welcome to the latest episode of the Pop Up Film Cast! 

Pop Up Shops and pop up restaurants are springing up all over. Here today, gone tomorrow... or a few weeks after tomorrow. Limited Edition type stuff. And we here at the Pop Up Film Cast are doing the samething each week, by creating a hypothetical film festival that will pop up one week and be gone the next. Wash, rinse, repeat. But who am I kidding? We just want to talk about movies with our friends!

This is a 'wrap up' episode.  Bob from the Cretin's Guild joins us again, this time with a different motive. Bob and I will narrow down the picks from episode 6A into a final 5 movies, forming the official line up for this hypothetical film festival. And it wouldn't be right if we didn't name the festival as well. Derek will provide you updates from this past week's personal Facebook feed. Catch the editor's note at begininning of the episode!!

If you haven't listened to episode 6A, I strongly encourage you to do so! 

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