The Pop Up Film Cast is your soon to be if not all ready favorite cinema podcast where, Keith, Derek and an esteemed guest dive head first into the mysterious bottomless box of movies that Keith won in a Blue Bunny giveaway and is refilled with new movies all the time by the Fates, aka Witches of Destiny!. 

Most episodes we will review a handful of very unique cinematic offerings, tied into a randomly selected genre or sometimes not so randomly selected theme. Other episodes, friend of the show, Harland McKenzie will join us to watch and review a movie none of us have ever seen before. 

Show notes:
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That Was Great... Wasn't It? (@howgreatwasthat on Twitter and IG)

In need of a nostalgic cartoon conversation? #TWGWI can be found: Anchor:




Each week I’ll be joined by my friends, both old and new, to reminisce on our youth via the nostalgic power of Saturday Morning Cartoons. We’ll be revisiting shows from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. 

Some are classics, some are classics with air quotes, but all will have us pondering the same philosophical conundrum, That Was Great…. Wasn’t It?

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Thanks again Terry Vickroy for the PopUp and That Was Great theme song! 

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