Did you know not every movie we watch is dug out of the bottomless box
on my front porch? I recently re-watched The Town after seeing it hit a
10 year anniversary and got me looking for other gritty heist flicks.
Lucky for us, Quizswish.com had recently posted an article about '14
movies like The Town'. It was filled with classics, including a few I
hadn't seen before. Hopefully I don't forget to watch our next
assigned movies going down this rabbit hole!

The Pop Up Film Cast is a show where, Derek, myself and an esteemed guest usually dive head first into the mysterious bottomless box of movies that was left on my doorstep and now the home to a lovely squirrel family!
Every other week in season 4, we will get together with Harland McKenzie and watch a movie none of us has seen. This is one of those weeks!

Show notes:
Guest: Harland (https://www.gmdlcast.com/listen)
Movie: Tin Men (1987)

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