Killer Sofa was written and directed by Bernie Rao (@killersofa). Thanks again Bernie for letting us do this fun experiment.
Check out the actual movie on Amazon Prime or Netflix


Narrorator- Keith - PopUpFilmCast (@popupfilmcast)
Detective Gravy - Chris - Gravity Beard (@thegravitybeard)
Detective Grape - Sabrina - Podcast 42 (@Podcast42Show)
Francesca - Tricia - 2 Girls On A Bench (@2girlsonabench)
Maxi - Siana - 2 Girls On A Bench (@2girlsonabench)
Delivery Man #1 - Derek - The Wild Pitch (@wildpitchcast)
Rabbi Jack - Vlado It's Not Rocket Surgery (@rcktsrgry)
T.J. - Chris - Podcast 42 (Podcast42Show)
Ashanti - Sabrina - Podcast 42 (@Podcast42Show)
Man On Film - Derek - The Wild Pitch (@wildpitchcast)
Woman On Film - - Sabrina - Podcast 42 (@Podcast42Show)
Tohunga Makutu - Bob - The Cretin's Guild (@CretinsGuild)
Frederico - Derek - The Wild Pitch (@wildpitchcast)
Jack's Father - Keith - PopUpFilmCast (@popupfilmcast)
Valerie/Gerard - Derek - The Wild Pitch (@wildpitchcast)
Ralph - Derek - The Wild Pitch (@wildpitchcast)
The Recliner - Bob - The Cretin's Guild (@CretinsGuild)
Warren - Chris - Podcast 42 (Podcast42Show)
Landlord - Derek - The Wild Pitch (@wildpitchcast)
Autopsy Guy - Derek - The Wild Pitch (@wildpitchcast)

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Music for this episode came from the YouTube Audio Library:
Com Promperties by Blear Moon
Apprehensive At Best by Biz Baz Studio
Waltz To Death by Sir Cubworth
Easy Trip Trap - by The Brother's Records
Spying In The Sixties - Sir Cubworth
Sea Of Doom by Doug Maxwell
808 Doorbell Chime by Unicorn Heads
Irie by Qincas Moreira
Relaxer by The Grand Affair
Dance Of The U Boat by Aakash Gandhi

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