Welcome to a brand new episode of the Pop Up Film Cast!

Every episode Keith, Derek, and a guest fabricate a fictitious film festival, only now with more emphasis on the fictitious. Each of us is assigned a title and a genre of the week. It's 1 part movie talk, 1 part improv, all parts entertaining. 

This is a special presentation of the Pop Up Film Cast. Our magical box of VHS tapes, DVDs, LaserDiscs, and Blu-rays is not only bottomless, but apparently has connections at HBO. Join the boys, guest free, as they attempt to break down the final season of Game Of Thrones. It will be the best GoT related show you hear all year. 

Show notes:

Guest: Harland McKenzie

Genre/Theme: Action

Movies: The Wanderer Of Time, Curse On The Square, Change The Boss

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